News on iPhone 6: There Might not be Any Sapphire Display

Rod Hall, an analyst working for JP Morgan, believes that the sapphire glass display will not be part of the iPhone 6 to be released in the month of September 2014.

The analyst pointed out that the rumors were not very credible. He said that there were two possibilities and none of them implied the mass production of Sapphire Glass. The two possibilities presented by the analyst were: either Apple produced a small number of phones having the almost indestructible Sapphire Glass or there would be no such phone. He admitted that there had been indications that sapphire glass was under production. However, the analyst claimed that customers would see no sapphire display in 2014. Also, he expressed his belief that the majority of people would want a screen that could be destroyed only by the scratch of a diamond.

There have been numerous leaks and reports about the Sapphire Glass, earlier this year. However, as the launching data gets nearer most rumors are about a limited edition of Sapphire Glass smart phones or about no Sapphire Glass at all. Wall Street Journal claims that the smart phone might not be available for all buyers.

Various sources declared that Apple planned to equip with sapphire glass both iPhone 6 models (the 4.7 inch variant and the 5.5 inch variant) but only in a very limited edition. This would be a first for the American electronics company. According to Wall Street Journal a sapphire iPhone screen has the production costs equal to 16 US dollars, which is quite higher than the 3 US dollars necessary for the production of the present Corning Gorilla Glass.

The analysts working for the market researcher Trend Force observed that there had not been sufficient orders for the sapphire glass given to suppliers. This might hint that the sapphire screen will not be produced on a large scale, at least not for the September launch of the 4.7 inch model.

Sapphire crystals are used in order to produce the camera lenses and the fingerprint readers of the current iPhone models. Specialists believe that sapphire glass screens will not be used for the 2014 iPhone models. If it appears, it will only for a very limited number of phones.

Cult of Mac considers that the Sapphire Glass screen phone will costs quite a lot. With so many reports pointing out Appleā€™s impossibility to produce Sapphire Glass at a large scale, it is possible that this feature to be characteristic only for the most expensive iPhone 6 models. There are special sits in the domain who consider that the indestructible glass will be present only on the 5.5 inches version of the iPhone 6, having a memory of 64 gigabytes. On the other hand, Cult of Mac believes that phones of both sizes (5.5 inch and 4.7 inch) and having a memory equal to 64 gigabytes will come equipped with the Sapphire Glass.

The entire mystery surrounding the new Apple phone will be solved on the 9th of September 2014 when the official launch is scheduled.