New Bait Boat Fish Finder With Color Display and 300m Range is Out

Bait Boat fish finders are a great resource for the hobby or professional fisherman. A bait boat fish finder, otherwise recognized as a “sounder”is an device that fisher use to find fish underwater. The process uses SONAR technologies, that suggests that the fish are recognized by the system’s pulses of sound energy. As the sound energy “hits” the fish it is reflected back to the unit. The Bait Boat Fish Finder products all have graphical displays that show the angler the dimensions of reflected sound.

This allows the angler to examine the information and to decipher where schools of fish may be located, as well as, the location of stumps or other harmful underwater debris so that they can be avoided. While most often these items are used by sport or hobby fisherman, they are also bought by commercial fisherman to help them find schools of fish in bigger bodies of water. The Bait Boat brand off fish finders uses modern electronics to allow a higher degree of integration between the different boating systems, be it marine radar or GPS navigation.

The most recent product in the lineup, the Color fish finder range 300m, brings that same level of integration and accuracy to the table, besides as, additional features that fishermen will love.

“We are very enthusiastic to release this newest product to our line because the color display really enhances the visibility and helps the fisherman to distinguish the various objects in the water,” says .

The new fish finder include some features and distinguishing attributes earlier models of the bait boat brand did not. Features include:

• Display: MVA – TFT – LCD 65536 colors, 320V X 480H

• Clear fish icon, fish alarm

• Fresh/Salt Water Environment

• Target separation: 2.5 inches

• Depth capability: 300 feet

• Operating frequency: 200 kHz

• Temperature sensor: included in transducer

The product has obtained good reviews and raitings from users in its limited time on the shelves. For more information or for the full specification on the Bait Boat color fish finder visit the product’s page at: MyRcUinverse under the Bait Boat Fish Finder category.