iOS Beta 3 brings Important Health Changes

Apple has decided to invest significantly into its Health applications. The company released two betas in the month of July and now it continued its upgrades with the third beta created for the operating system functioning on its mobile gadgets.

The health application makes use of the motion tracking feature belonging to the iPhone M7 in order to obtain the necessary data. As a consequence the Step counter belonging to the Health applications does not need the intervention of any third party gadgets or applications.

9to5Mac claims that the M7 has the ability to fill the Health application with data gathered during an entire week. People working for the site tested the application and they discovered that it functioned accurately. The report has pointed out that the Health application permitted users to arrange their data on categories like day, week, month or year. It is also possible to share step data with some other applications available in the App Store.

What is more, the Health application has the ability to identify the amount of Caffeine in the user’s body. No third party application is needed in order to keep caffeine consumption under control. The iOS 8 beta 3 can be used by developers having iPad, iPhone and iPod devices which match the new programming. It is available as an OTA upgrade because for the time being it cannot be downloaded from the developer portal. The new beta 3 has fixed some previous issues identified by the two previous beta and has also brought some new Wi-Fi calling.

Apple has plans to add pressure and barometer sensors to its gadgets. These will extremely useful for biker, climbers and hikers.

The latest iOS 8 beta upgrade comes to confirm that Apple will invest a lot of time, energy and money into developing the Health applications for the future phones belonging to the iPhone line. The M7 processor does no function on iPhone 5, iPhone 5C or on iPhone 4S. Thus, little is known on how “Steps” will function on these gadgets. Probably more details will be available as the launch date gets closer.