Are iOS 8 and iWatch going to have the Same Voice?

Referring to a gathering with Tim Cook the CEO of the famous electronic giant, an expert discharged a report last Wednesday anticipating that the voice messaging characteristic belonging to iOS 8 to be used for the much rumored iWatch wearable gadget, observing that the motion based massaging procedure is perfect for gadgets having little screens.

In his research note that was released on Wednesday, Steven Milunovich a reputed UBS expert presented his meeting with the Apple CEO, saying that the latter was excited about the Chinese voice messaging service that permits clients to actually dictate word by word messages to their telephones before sending them off. The UBS expert considers that inserting a gimmick as such to a wrist-worn gadget definitely has a lot of logic.

Milunovich tells his readers how impresses Tim Cook was when during his last visit to China he saw people sending instant voice messages while walking the streets or scouting the shops. The Apple CEO, believes that such a feature would benefit the company, giving it the possibility to fins an access door to the huge Chinese market.

The Apple creation iOS 7 has an incorporated dictation feature but it does not display voice messaging. However, other third party applications are rapidly incorporating this new feature.

The next iOS 8 created by Apple will incorporate voice messaging innovation within the application for Messages as an option to conventional content based input. Beta works on the anticipated portable OS which will let clients record their voice messages using a simple gesture like the tap and hold, then send or wipe it out by means of swiping, a system that would be useful on a gadget like a wearable.

Users will also have the possibility Messages to dispatch video messages similarly, with only one finger controlling the procedure of recording and sending.

While Cook did not get the iWatch out by name, the UBS expert considers that iOS 8’s approaching voice messaging proficiencies could be a cornerstone characteristic for the reputed wearable. As opposed to attempting to tap in content on a little screen, clients would have the capacity to converse with their gadget, perform one or two straightforward motions and send the message on its destination.

There are lots of gossips and rumors indicating an October market launch. There are more and more hypotheses concerning Apple’s intentions with the new but not yet announced wearable. A few reports guarantee that the assumed iWatch will have more than ten sensors fit for locating the user’s movements and disentangling wellbeing related measurements like the client’s heart rate. Others claim that the wearable will have a rectangular display and a modern type of charging through wireless technology.

Milunovich considers the voice messaging something needed to be added to the iWatch.

iOS Beta 3 brings Important Health Changes

Apple has decided to invest significantly into its Health applications. The company released two betas in the month of July and now it continued its upgrades with the third beta created for the operating system functioning on its mobile gadgets.

The health application makes use of the motion tracking feature belonging to the iPhone M7 in order to obtain the necessary data. As a consequence the Step counter belonging to the Health applications does not need the intervention of any third party gadgets or applications.

9to5Mac claims that the M7 has the ability to fill the Health application with data gathered during an entire week. People working for the site tested the application and they discovered that it functioned accurately. The report has pointed out that the Health application permitted users to arrange their data on categories like day, week, month or year. It is also possible to share step data with some other applications available in the App Store.

What is more, the Health application has the ability to identify the amount of Caffeine in the user’s body. No third party application is needed in order to keep caffeine consumption under control. The iOS 8 beta 3 can be used by developers having iPad, iPhone and iPod devices which match the new programming. It is available as an OTA upgrade because for the time being it cannot be downloaded from the developer portal. The new beta 3 has fixed some previous issues identified by the two previous beta and has also brought some new Wi-Fi calling.

Apple has plans to add pressure and barometer sensors to its gadgets. These will extremely useful for biker, climbers and hikers.

The latest iOS 8 beta upgrade comes to confirm that Apple will invest a lot of time, energy and money into developing the Health applications for the future phones belonging to the iPhone line. The M7 processor does no function on iPhone 5, iPhone 5C or on iPhone 4S. Thus, little is known on how “Steps” will function on these gadgets. Probably more details will be available as the launch date gets closer.

News on iPhone 6: There Might not be Any Sapphire Display

Rod Hall, an analyst working for JP Morgan, believes that the sapphire glass display will not be part of the iPhone 6 to be released in the month of September 2014.

The analyst pointed out that the rumors were not very credible. He said that there were two possibilities and none of them implied the mass production of Sapphire Glass. The two possibilities presented by the analyst were: either Apple produced a small number of phones having the almost indestructible Sapphire Glass or there would be no such phone. He admitted that there had been indications that sapphire glass was under production. However, the analyst claimed that customers would see no sapphire display in 2014. Also, he expressed his belief that the majority of people would want a screen that could be destroyed only by the scratch of a diamond.

There have been numerous leaks and reports about the Sapphire Glass, earlier this year. However, as the launching data gets nearer most rumors are about a limited edition of Sapphire Glass smart phones or about no Sapphire Glass at all. Wall Street Journal claims that the smart phone might not be available for all buyers.

Various sources declared that Apple planned to equip with sapphire glass both iPhone 6 models (the 4.7 inch variant and the 5.5 inch variant) but only in a very limited edition. This would be a first for the American electronics company. According to Wall Street Journal a sapphire iPhone screen has the production costs equal to 16 US dollars, which is quite higher than the 3 US dollars necessary for the production of the present Corning Gorilla Glass.

The analysts working for the market researcher Trend Force observed that there had not been sufficient orders for the sapphire glass given to suppliers. This might hint that the sapphire screen will not be produced on a large scale, at least not for the September launch of the 4.7 inch model.

Sapphire crystals are used in order to produce the camera lenses and the fingerprint readers of the current iPhone models. Specialists believe that sapphire glass screens will not be used for the 2014 iPhone models. If it appears, it will only for a very limited number of phones.

Cult of Mac considers that the Sapphire Glass screen phone will costs quite a lot. With so many reports pointing out Apple’s impossibility to produce Sapphire Glass at a large scale, it is possible that this feature to be characteristic only for the most expensive iPhone 6 models. There are special sits in the domain who consider that the indestructible glass will be present only on the 5.5 inches version of the iPhone 6, having a memory of 64 gigabytes. On the other hand, Cult of Mac believes that phones of both sizes (5.5 inch and 4.7 inch) and having a memory equal to 64 gigabytes will come equipped with the Sapphire Glass.

The entire mystery surrounding the new Apple phone will be solved on the 9th of September 2014 when the official launch is scheduled.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G3 might have the Same Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched on the market a few months ago during the Mobile World Congress. Nonetheless gadget fans are looking forward for the new member of the Galaxy line: Samsung Galaxy S6. However, there are little chances for the new gadget to reach the stores, since the South Korean company has the habit of launching new phones once a year and preferably in the same month.

Samsung’s eternal rival, Apple is preparing for the launch of the iPhone 6, in September 2014. However, the South Korean company will not present its new smart phone any time soon. There are high chances for the Galaxy S6 to be released during the 2015 edition of the Mobile World Congress.

There are many rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S6. Thus, it is said that the phone’s display will be based on the Super AMOLED technology and it will have a 5.5 inches screen so as to rival the LG’s high end smart phone G3. It is rumored that Samsung plans to give its new gadget a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The 4K display is a possibility for the Samsung Galaxy S6 since the Galaxy Note 4 has already got it. It is said that the South Korean company has also decided to change the design of the phone and has opted for a curved screen or a flexible display.

It is believed that the new Galaxy phone will have a more powerful processor than the present one. The processor depends on the screen resolution. Thus, the new smart phone might be functioning on an 805 or an 810 Snapdragon processor. The Snapdragon 805 is perfect for a QHD display, buy the 4K display definitely needs the Snapdragon 810.

Photo enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that Samsung might equip its device with a camera having either 16 or 20 megapixels.

It is obvious that the Galaxy S6 will be more costly than its fore-runner the Galaxy S5. Many speculate that the new Samsung gadget will be around 800 US dollars.

Umidificatoare camera copii,o necesitate pentru sanatatea copilului dvs

A venit toamna si se apropie cu pasi repezi si iarna, vremea incepe sa se raceasca, incepem sa punem in functiune caloriferele, dar trebuie sa luati in calcul si faptul ca instalatiile de incalzit pot reduce nivelul de umiditate din camera, ceea ce poate creea un disconfort, iar acesta poate fi inlaturat prin montarea unui umidificator camera. In momentul de fata exista o gama larga de umidificatoare camera copii ce pot fi achizitionate la un pret rezonabil. Un model aparte il reprezinta acest umidificator camera copii care are un design special in forma de animalute (rata,hellokity,porcusor) avand un rezervor mare si anume de 2.8l ceea ce va asigura o functionare indelungata fara reumplere.

Umiditatea optima se situeaza intre valorile de 45% si 55%, sa demonstrat stiintific ca o uimditate de peste 45% reduce semnificativ riscul de gripa sau raceala, in schimb cresterea umiditatii peste 60% faciliteaza dezvoltarea mucegaiului si ciupercilor.

Daca nu detii un astfel de umidificator camera, trebuie sa il cumperi, dar cum poti sti care este cel mai bun umidificator? Sunt mai multe criterii de care trebuie sa tii cont, unul dintre acestea este suprafata camerei in care il veti plasa, deoarece fiecare tip de umidificator poate produce o anumita cantitate de abur, potrivita pentru o anumita suprafata.

Trebuie doar sa fiti atenti la cum corelati cele doua elemente: suprafata camerei si umiditatea denerata de umidificator, de exemplu alegerea unui umidificator cu aer cald pentru o camera de dimensiuni mici, nu va fi tocmai cea mai inteleapta alegere. De asemenea folosirea unui singur umidificator intr-o camera cu suprafta prea mare pentru forta lui de a produce aburi, va face ca acesta sa fie mai putin eficient, si datorita distributiei neuniforme.

Scaunele auto Copii devin obligatorii

Veți avea probleme cu poliția rutieră dacă nu veți folosi acest accesoriu pentru autoturismul vostru. Noul Cod Rutier modificat prevede că minorii care au înălțimea de până în 1, 35 metri vor putea fi transportați cu mașina doar dacă sunt așezați în niște scaune speciale pentru copii. Este o adaptare a legislației românești la cea auropeană, iar încălcarea acestei prevederi poate aduce o amendă de mai bine de 400 de lei și se lasă și cu 3 puncte de penalizare pentru șofer. Nu doar asta e problema. Scaunele auto pentru copii îl protejează realmente pe micuț în caz de impact, ceea ce simpla centură de siguranță sau blocarea ușilor mașinii nu o pot face destul de eficient. E mai simplu să faci o investiție nu foarte mare, să scapi de coșmarul amenzilor și să-ți transporți copilul în deplină siguranță. Pentru asta e nevoie să te adresezi unor specialiști. Pe găsești foarte multe variante de scaune auto copii, la prețuri pentru mai toate buzunarele și, mai mult, ai garanția că sunt eficiente.

Ca să nu mai vorbim de faptul că cele mai multe dintre ele arată și foarte bine ca design. Hai să vedem câteva amănunte despre modelele puse în vânzare pe De exemplu, Coșulețul Auto Bebeluși CANGAROO Olymp Roșu, este un scaun pentru bebelușii în greutate de până la 13 kilograme, este autoajustabil și poate fi folosit atât pentru scaunul din față, cât și pentru cel din spate al mașinii dumneavoastră. Scaunul este dotat cu perniță specială pentru susținerea capului copilului, un buton pentru ajustarea lungimii centurilor de siguranță și un mâner pentru transport ajustabil și el în mai multe poziții, în așa fel încât să fie transportat în condiții cât mai lejere. Acest model costă 249 de lei. O altă variantă, ceva mai performantă și cu dotări suplimentare este scaunul auto MK 500 Baby Travel Albastru. Acesta este confecționat din materiale de calitate și are centuri de siguranță cu prindere în 5 puncte, echipate cu protecție pentru umeri, cu perniță pentru nou-născuți, cu sistem de reglare al centurilor de siguranță, cu un buzunar pentru accesorii și suport pentru capul copilului. Scaunul are patru trepte de reglare a unghiului de înclinare și este recomandat grupei de copii cu greutate între 0 și 25 de kilograme. Acest model de scaun auto pentru copii costă, la outletmall, 419 lei. Produsele de la sunt noi, se livrează în 24 de ore de la lansarea comenzii, prin Fan Curier, au certificate de garanție, iar clientul are posibilitatea de a returna produsul în 14 zile, dacă acest nu corespunde nevoilor sale.

S-ar putea ca unii dintre noi să-și spună că nu sunt mari probleme dacă acel scaun pentru copii lipsește din dotarea masinii. Din păcate, nu este deloc așa, putem plăti 400 de lei amendă în cazul în care nu respectăm această prevedere legală. Iată mai jos un extras dintr-un material, pe care l-am găsit aici, pe această temă.

„Codul Rutier a fost modificat si spune ca minorii care au pana la 1 metru si 35 de centimetri inaltime pot fi transportati cu automobilul numai daca sunt asezati in scaune sau pe niste perne speciale. Astfel, Romania se aliniaza legislatiei europene.

In trei saptamani veti plati 400 de lei amenda daca veti transporta copilul cu masina fara sa respectati masurile de siguranta impuse de lege si anume obligativitatea de a avea un scaun auto copii atunci cand calatoriti in masina cu copilasul dvs.

Nu usile blocate va salveaza copilul in cazul unui impact, ci un scaun adaptat pentru micut, cu centuri de siguranta in trei puncte.

Iata ce se petrece in habitaclu atunci cand are loc impactul: copilul este aruncat si izbit de peretii masinii, forta unui parinte, care l-ar strange in brate, nu are efect, iar copilul ar fi aruncat ca un proiectil.

Asa ca legea romaneasca a fost adaptata la cea europeana, pentru ca sa oblige parintii sa-si protejeze copiii. Noul regulament spune ca minorii care au pana 135 de cm inaltime, sa fie pusi intr-un scaun special.”

Și cum trei săptămâni trec repede, folosiți cu încredere, în următoarea perioadă, scaunele auto omologate pentru copii de la, pentru siguranța copiilor voștri și evitarea neplăcerilor provocate de nerespectarea legii.

New Bait Boat Fish Finder With Color Display and 300m Range is Out

Bait Boat fish finders are a great resource for the hobby or professional fisherman. A bait boat fish finder, otherwise recognized as a “sounder”is an device that fisher use to find fish underwater. The process uses SONAR technologies, that suggests that the fish are recognized by the system’s pulses of sound energy. As the sound energy “hits” the fish it is reflected back to the unit. The Bait Boat Fish Finder products all have graphical displays that show the angler the dimensions of reflected sound.

This allows the angler to examine the information and to decipher where schools of fish may be located, as well as, the location of stumps or other harmful underwater debris so that they can be avoided. While most often these items are used by sport or hobby fisherman, they are also bought by commercial fisherman to help them find schools of fish in bigger bodies of water. The Bait Boat brand off fish finders uses modern electronics to allow a higher degree of integration between the different boating systems, be it marine radar or GPS navigation.

The most recent product in the lineup, the Color fish finder range 300m, brings that same level of integration and accuracy to the table, besides as, additional features that fishermen will love.

“We are very enthusiastic to release this newest product to our line because the color display really enhances the visibility and helps the fisherman to distinguish the various objects in the water,” says .

The new fish finder include some features and distinguishing attributes earlier models of the bait boat brand did not. Features include:

• Display: MVA – TFT – LCD 65536 colors, 320V X 480H

• Clear fish icon, fish alarm

• Fresh/Salt Water Environment

• Target separation: 2.5 inches

• Depth capability: 300 feet

• Operating frequency: 200 kHz

• Temperature sensor: included in transducer

The product has obtained good reviews and raitings from users in its limited time on the shelves. For more information or for the full specification on the Bait Boat color fish finder visit the product’s page at: MyRcUinverse under the Bait Boat Fish Finder category.

Leaked Information on iPad 6

For the time being Apple is one of the most important electronics producers on the market with millions of fans all over the world. Thus, it is no wonder that rumors about its future products appear way ahead before the official launch. iPad Air is not exception from the rule. It is true that the company tries hard to keep the secret about its products, but the fans’ curiosity is higher than ever. There are lots of leaked images and dummy models of the next iPad Air so as to give a general picture on how the gadget will look like.

Rumors on the Launch Date

Some anonymous sources belonging to Bloomberg claimed that the iPad 6 entered the mass production stage on the 12th of August 2014. The same source claimed that the product would be unveiled towards the end of the third financial quarter or the beginning of the fourth. This means either in the month of September of October. The sources also mentioned some manufacturing problems affecting the reflective coating of the gadget’s screen.

Apple has the habit of upgrading its lines every year. Since iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini have just been launched there are little chances for iPad Air 2 to hit the market in a week or two. If one takes into consideration Apple’s launch habits, than the company would probably launch the iPad Air in somewhere in October. It has to be remembered that the iPad Air was presented to the public at large on the 22nd of October 2013.

It is true that Apple has broken its pattern in some exceptional circumstances. For example the iPad 4 hit the markets only seven mouth after the launch of iPad 3. However, iPad 4 brought only some minor adjustments to iPad 3.

Ming-Chi Kuo, working for KGI Securities considers that the next generation of iPad Air will hit the market towards the end of 2014. This even will postpone the launch of the big screen iPad Pro for 2015. The analyst is convinced that no iPad mini will be on the shop shelves this year.

There was a rumour in spring that Apple had already produced its prototypes for the next generation of iPads and might launch them in the month of April. It is more than obvious that it was just a rumour, since the iPad has not been unveiled yet.

Rhoda Alexander, an analyst working for HIS claimed that some manufacturers were working on the new screen of the future iPads. She claimed that the screen were bigger which hinted that Apple had the intention to make larger iPads to catch up with its rivals. The analysts pointed out that although manufacturers were producing the displays the quantity was not enough to hint towards and imminent lunch.

Rumours and Specs and Features

When it comes to specs the most recent rumours about the iPad Air 2, hint that the gadget might have a memory equal to 2 gigabytes. This more powerful memory might imply a split screen characterised by multitasking features, which are typical for the tablets running on iOS8.

Leaked Photos and Images of iPad 6/iPad Air 2

Like in the case of all Apple products which have not reached the shop shelves yet, the network has been invaded by leaked images of the iPad Air 2. Some photos were made available on the Chinese micro-blogging service known as Weibo. The photos were then spread around by the Japanese page called macotakara and by the French site called

If the pictures are genuine, one can see that the grille has been given a new design, having larger holes placed in a single row. The mike is placed near the camera opening, while the design of the volume buttons has been changed. The gadget looks quite similar to the iPad Air 1, which is not that much of a surprise.

There have been other pictures of the gadget populating the internet. The most recent leak consisted of seven pictures which revealed that the iPad 6 might have a Touch ID scanner for fingerprints.

Some photos presenting the internal components of iPad Air 2 were available on the site called on the 21st of August 2014. In this photos, one could see flex cables which are said to belong to the new tablet. The components seem to have tiny tweaks but nothing else can be seen from the unofficial pictures.

What name will Apple choose for its next iPad?

There are various speculations on the name of the future iPad. It will be the sixth in the iPad line. However, considering the names received by the iPhones (iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and so on), there are high chances for the new gadget to be called iPad 5 plus a letter and not iPad 6. Also Apple might decide to continue the brand of iPad Air and name its next tablet iPad Air 2. Also, the company might consider the pattern of MacBooks and name the new tablet iPad Pro.

Specs and Feature Wish Lists

Numerous website have posted wish lists for the new Apple tablet. Some of these are improbable, some have high chances to be found in the new gadget, while others will definitely be there to serve users.

There are numerous references to the Touch ID features since the technology has already been used by Apple with its iPhone 5S. Since the technology is not present in the last generation of iPads users expect it for the iPad6/iPad Air 2.

Users also wish for a larger screen. For the time being the iPad Air has a diagonal equal to 9.7. If the size increases, then the bulkiness of the gadget increases as well. A bigger screen means a heavier battery. However, the bigger screen would make the Apple tablet more suitable as an office device.

Other items included on the wish lists are: faster processors, better cameras, True Tone Led, powerful and efficient flash like in the iPhone 5, face recognition technology, improved Wi-Fi, live multitasking, better speakers and s subwoofer, better stylus support, more storage space and a memory card slot.

Obviously users want some more features, following the principle the more, the merrier. Thus, the wish lists also include mouse support for Bluetooth and wireless charging.

Other Rumors on iPad 6

A lot has been written about Apple’s new tablet. Thus, it is said that Apple has prepared a new screen technology for its gadget. ZDNet considers that the new Apple tablet might come equipped with a screen made by means of a process called IGZO, the abbreviation for Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide.

There are also the rumors that the new gadget will be slimmer and lighter than its predecessors. Some people talk about Apple splitting the iPad line into iPad Pro and iPad Air 2. Rumors about the color of the new gadget are all over the web. The present iPad Air is available in Silver and Space Grey, which resemble the colors of iPhone 5s. However, the iPhone 5S also has a gold model highly popular among users. Thus, there is the possibility for Apple to produce a gold iPad Air to attract more customers.

The iPad Air 2 was also rumored to have a smart cover keyboard, an improved camera and an 802,11ac Wi-Fi.

The Apple products have always been accompanied by lots of rumors. However, the official launch will solve all the mysteries around the product. Unfortunately, the release date is a mystery as well.