Are iOS 8 and iWatch going to have the Same Voice?

Referring to a gathering with Tim Cook the CEO of the famous electronic giant, an expert discharged a report last Wednesday anticipating that the voice messaging characteristic belonging to iOS 8 to be used for the much rumored iWatch wearable gadget, observing that the motion based massaging procedure is perfect for gadgets having little screens.

In his research note that was released on Wednesday, Steven Milunovich a reputed UBS expert presented his meeting with the Apple CEO, saying that the latter was excited about the Chinese voice messaging service that permits clients to actually dictate word by word messages to their telephones before sending them off. The UBS expert considers that inserting a gimmick as such to a wrist-worn gadget definitely has a lot of logic.

Milunovich tells his readers how impresses Tim Cook was when during his last visit to China he saw people sending instant voice messages while walking the streets or scouting the shops. The Apple CEO, believes that such a feature would benefit the company, giving it the possibility to fins an access door to the huge Chinese market.

The Apple creation iOS 7 has an incorporated dictation feature but it does not display voice messaging. However, other third party applications are rapidly incorporating this new feature.

The next iOS 8 created by Apple will incorporate voice messaging innovation within the application for Messages as an option to conventional content based input. Beta works on the anticipated portable OS which will let clients record their voice messages using a simple gesture like the tap and hold, then send or wipe it out by means of swiping, a system that would be useful on a gadget like a wearable.

Users will also have the possibility Messages to dispatch video messages similarly, with only one finger controlling the procedure of recording and sending.

While Cook did not get the iWatch out by name, the UBS expert considers that iOS 8’s approaching voice messaging proficiencies could be a cornerstone characteristic for the reputed wearable. As opposed to attempting to tap in content on a little screen, clients would have the capacity to converse with their gadget, perform one or two straightforward motions and send the message on its destination.

There are lots of gossips and rumors indicating an October market launch. There are more and more hypotheses concerning Apple’s intentions with the new but not yet announced wearable. A few reports guarantee that the assumed iWatch will have more than ten sensors fit for locating the user’s movements and disentangling wellbeing related measurements like the client’s heart rate. Others claim that the wearable will have a rectangular display and a modern type of charging through wireless technology.

Milunovich considers the voice messaging something needed to be added to the iWatch.