New Bait Boat Fish Finder With Color Display and 300m Range is Out

Bait Boat fish finders are a great resource for the hobby or professional fisherman. A bait boat fish finder, otherwise recognized as a “sounder”is an device that fisher use to find fish underwater. The process uses SONAR technologies, that suggests that the fish are recognized by the system’s pulses of sound energy. As the sound energy “hits” the fish it is reflected back to the unit. The Bait Boat Fish Finder products all have graphical displays that show the angler the dimensions of reflected sound.

This allows the angler to examine the information and to decipher where schools of fish may be located, as well as, the location of stumps or other harmful underwater debris so that they can be avoided. While most often these items are used by sport or hobby fisherman, they are also bought by commercial fisherman to help them find schools of fish in bigger bodies of water. The Bait Boat brand off fish finders uses modern electronics to allow a higher degree of integration between the different boating systems, be it marine radar or GPS navigation.

The most recent product in the lineup, the Color fish finder range 300m, brings that same level of integration and accuracy to the table, besides as, additional features that fishermen will love.

“We are very enthusiastic to release this newest product to our line because the color display really enhances the visibility and helps the fisherman to distinguish the various objects in the water,” says .

The new fish finder include some features and distinguishing attributes earlier models of the bait boat brand did not. Features include:

• Display: MVA – TFT – LCD 65536 colors, 320V X 480H

• Clear fish icon, fish alarm

• Fresh/Salt Water Environment

• Target separation: 2.5 inches

• Depth capability: 300 feet

• Operating frequency: 200 kHz

• Temperature sensor: included in transducer

The product has obtained good reviews and raitings from users in its limited time on the shelves. For more information or for the full specification on the Bait Boat color fish finder visit the product’s page at: MyRcUinverse under the Bait Boat Fish Finder category.

Leaked Information on iPad 6

For the time being Apple is one of the most important electronics producers on the market with millions of fans all over the world. Thus, it is no wonder that rumors about its future products appear way ahead before the official launch. iPad Air is not exception from the rule. It is true that the company tries hard to keep the secret about its products, but the fans’ curiosity is higher than ever. There are lots of leaked images and dummy models of the next iPad Air so as to give a general picture on how the gadget will look like.

Rumors on the Launch Date

Some anonymous sources belonging to Bloomberg claimed that the iPad 6 entered the mass production stage on the 12th of August 2014. The same source claimed that the product would be unveiled towards the end of the third financial quarter or the beginning of the fourth. This means either in the month of September of October. The sources also mentioned some manufacturing problems affecting the reflective coating of the gadget’s screen.

Apple has the habit of upgrading its lines every year. Since iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini have just been launched there are little chances for iPad Air 2 to hit the market in a week or two. If one takes into consideration Apple’s launch habits, than the company would probably launch the iPad Air in somewhere in October. It has to be remembered that the iPad Air was presented to the public at large on the 22nd of October 2013.

It is true that Apple has broken its pattern in some exceptional circumstances. For example the iPad 4 hit the markets only seven mouth after the launch of iPad 3. However, iPad 4 brought only some minor adjustments to iPad 3.

Ming-Chi Kuo, working for KGI Securities considers that the next generation of iPad Air will hit the market towards the end of 2014. This even will postpone the launch of the big screen iPad Pro for 2015. The analyst is convinced that no iPad mini will be on the shop shelves this year.

There was a rumour in spring that Apple had already produced its prototypes for the next generation of iPads and might launch them in the month of April. It is more than obvious that it was just a rumour, since the iPad has not been unveiled yet.

Rhoda Alexander, an analyst working for HIS claimed that some manufacturers were working on the new screen of the future iPads. She claimed that the screen were bigger which hinted that Apple had the intention to make larger iPads to catch up with its rivals. The analysts pointed out that although manufacturers were producing the displays the quantity was not enough to hint towards and imminent lunch.

Rumours and Specs and Features

When it comes to specs the most recent rumours about the iPad Air 2, hint that the gadget might have a memory equal to 2 gigabytes. This more powerful memory might imply a split screen characterised by multitasking features, which are typical for the tablets running on iOS8.

Leaked Photos and Images of iPad 6/iPad Air 2

Like in the case of all Apple products which have not reached the shop shelves yet, the network has been invaded by leaked images of the iPad Air 2. Some photos were made available on the Chinese micro-blogging service known as Weibo. The photos were then spread around by the Japanese page called macotakara and by the French site called

If the pictures are genuine, one can see that the grille has been given a new design, having larger holes placed in a single row. The mike is placed near the camera opening, while the design of the volume buttons has been changed. The gadget looks quite similar to the iPad Air 1, which is not that much of a surprise.

There have been other pictures of the gadget populating the internet. The most recent leak consisted of seven pictures which revealed that the iPad 6 might have a Touch ID scanner for fingerprints.

Some photos presenting the internal components of iPad Air 2 were available on the site called on the 21st of August 2014. In this photos, one could see flex cables which are said to belong to the new tablet. The components seem to have tiny tweaks but nothing else can be seen from the unofficial pictures.

What name will Apple choose for its next iPad?

There are various speculations on the name of the future iPad. It will be the sixth in the iPad line. However, considering the names received by the iPhones (iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and so on), there are high chances for the new gadget to be called iPad 5 plus a letter and not iPad 6. Also Apple might decide to continue the brand of iPad Air and name its next tablet iPad Air 2. Also, the company might consider the pattern of MacBooks and name the new tablet iPad Pro.

Specs and Feature Wish Lists

Numerous website have posted wish lists for the new Apple tablet. Some of these are improbable, some have high chances to be found in the new gadget, while others will definitely be there to serve users.

There are numerous references to the Touch ID features since the technology has already been used by Apple with its iPhone 5S. Since the technology is not present in the last generation of iPads users expect it for the iPad6/iPad Air 2.

Users also wish for a larger screen. For the time being the iPad Air has a diagonal equal to 9.7. If the size increases, then the bulkiness of the gadget increases as well. A bigger screen means a heavier battery. However, the bigger screen would make the Apple tablet more suitable as an office device.

Other items included on the wish lists are: faster processors, better cameras, True Tone Led, powerful and efficient flash like in the iPhone 5, face recognition technology, improved Wi-Fi, live multitasking, better speakers and s subwoofer, better stylus support, more storage space and a memory card slot.

Obviously users want some more features, following the principle the more, the merrier. Thus, the wish lists also include mouse support for Bluetooth and wireless charging.

Other Rumors on iPad 6

A lot has been written about Apple’s new tablet. Thus, it is said that Apple has prepared a new screen technology for its gadget. ZDNet considers that the new Apple tablet might come equipped with a screen made by means of a process called IGZO, the abbreviation for Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide.

There are also the rumors that the new gadget will be slimmer and lighter than its predecessors. Some people talk about Apple splitting the iPad line into iPad Pro and iPad Air 2. Rumors about the color of the new gadget are all over the web. The present iPad Air is available in Silver and Space Grey, which resemble the colors of iPhone 5s. However, the iPhone 5S also has a gold model highly popular among users. Thus, there is the possibility for Apple to produce a gold iPad Air to attract more customers.

The iPad Air 2 was also rumored to have a smart cover keyboard, an improved camera and an 802,11ac Wi-Fi.

The Apple products have always been accompanied by lots of rumors. However, the official launch will solve all the mysteries around the product. Unfortunately, the release date is a mystery as well.